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Perfect Chauffeur COM System

COM - Customer and Operations Management

Much more than a reservation system or dispatch system, Perfect Chauffeur COM is a solution that enhances your ability to serve customers and manage your operation the way you want to.

It is complex enough for even the largest companies and affordable enough for the smallest all in a simple package that can be easily learned by anyone.

Needs vs Wants

Too often, software developers focus only on what you want, not what you need. To understand what you need takes a deep understanding of the industry.

We have worked in the limousine industry. We understand your customers. We understand your drivers. We understand your office staff. We know what it takes to operate a limousine company in today's economy.

We have used this knowledge to develop a software solution that will immediately improve your service, streamline your operations, and cut your costs.

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Interface and Tools

  • Intuitive UI - an intelligent blend of new features with features you're comfortable with to dramatically reduce errors and training time.
  • SmartSearch - do everything out of a single page; gone are the days of navigating from section to section to access necessary information and tools.
  • VMS - a history tracking system that allows unparalleled reporting and management capabilities.
  • Recurrence - if you need something to periodically repeat, you can have it automatically done. This includes trips, driver availabilty/time-off, surcharges, billing, employee pay and more through a simple, familiar interface.


  • autoTrack - from the second a trip becomes active until it is complete, the system is constantly monitoring it allowing you to greatly reduce errors and improve the accuracy of your billing department.
  • ASAP - the system always knows where all vehicles are at, their statuses, and driver schedules. To handle ASAPs, all of this information is used to rapidly present you with the best possible ASAP response options.
  • Foresight - ensure that you are always sufficiently staffed for future workloads and tailor your marketing efforts based on current demand.
  • Tasks - make sure everything that needs to get done actually gets done; this is designed to eliminate communication errors between chauffeurs and office staff.


  • Address Correction - addresses are automatically validated when trips are entered. This brings an end to the problems of drivers not being able to find an incorrectly typed address.
  • POI Lookup - you no longer need to store and manage a list of POIs. Simply type the name of the POI into the normal address block and we'll handle the rest.
  • Affiliate Suggestions - when stops are entered, they are cross referenced with your affiliate list. If an affiliate exists at the customer's destination, the user will be alerted of it. The user can enter the full affiliate ride information inline - users do not need to create separate affiliate trips.


  • RateRules - rates, fees and discounts can all be tailored to individuals, companies, groups, trip types, by date, you name it. COM can handle any crazy rate schemes you throw at it.
  • Rate Visualization - graphically render your zones and price list to ensure that there are no gaps in your price list.
  • Tolls - tolls have been extracted from individual rates and make their own items. Editing tolls is a one-step process; individual rates do not need to be touched. For new rates, the system will suggest which tolls should apply so you don't miss any.
  • Parking - parking has nothing to do with a rate, so why do so many systems store it there? Parking is stored on the place, such as an airport or stadium, and appropriately applied to the rate.

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Our Philosophy

Software is a tool, not a limit

Too often companies have to operate within the confines of their software. Over the years, many companies have modified their business practices to be in line with limits that their existing technology places on them. This is a problem. No software company knows your business better than you do. Your software should be a tool that enhances, not defines, how you run your business.

Only good surprises

Think of many phone apps or websites you have visited. Some are so intuitive that you can simply pick them up and start using them. Others require a lot of time to learn, causing frustration, mistakes, and creating bad use habits along the way. There are a lot of great products that are viewed as only okay because their developers have buried great features so deep into the system that users don't know they exist.

Good software should make what you can do and how to do it immediately obvious. Good software will not require you to dig around to find what you need. Good software should not make you dig out an instruction manual or watch videos to learn how to use it. Good software should never surprise you in how it reacts to your actions. The only reaction you should ever have to good software should be along the lines of "Wow, that is really great," and never, "Wait, what just happened?"

No fear transitions

Many existing reservation systems have pigeon-holed their customers into certain ways of running their business. Traditionally, this has made switching systems a very long, stressful process. This is because the two systems require you to run your business in different ways. Data transfers rarely go smoothly and employees make many mistakes because they are trying to use the new software in the same ways that they had used the old software.

This is a huge problem because your customers will notice the mistakes. Transitions need to be smoother. Your customers should have no idea that you changed software other than noticing an improvement in your service. Employees should be able to work with your real data as they learn the new system before you go live with a new software solution.

Multi-Platform Support

Our browser based system is designed to work seamlessly with desktops or tablets.

COM works on all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.

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